Telangana T20 league – Everything you want to know!

G.Venkataswamy Memorial league also known as the Telangana T20 league was started in 2018 owned by the Hyderabad cricket association to bring the new players from Telangana and provide the infrastructure to groom themselves mainly for the rural players.3rd south Indian to launch this league after Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

G Venkataswamy

The 14th member of Lok Sabha was born on 5th October 1929, captivated by the policy of the Indian National Congress joined the party. He is well-liked as kaka or Gudisela Venkataswamy. He was elected 7 times to Lok Sabha.

Hyderabad, Cricket Association 

Hyderabad Cricket Association

In 1934 HCA was associated with the BCCI which oversees the cricket activities in Hyderabad and Telangana. The state has produced brilliant cricket players bestowing to the team India


On Jan 13 2018 HCA called for the owners to participate in the auction, first will be given preference. The primary 12.5lakh for each team for a year in the contract is set.


Eight teams from various places in Telangana are chosen to play the league.

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Each team plays with the other in a round-robin format; the top four will qualify for the semi-finals. One and four, two and three will be facing for their place in finals. The team which is defeated in their semis play for third place.


Two points were allocated for winners, when teams stay with the same points in the table their net run rate will be taken into account.


Adilabad Tigers were the first title winners of the tournament. Read more about KPL and TNPL , Mumbai T20 and also the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament.

Individual records


Danny Prince is the leading run-scorer with two hundred of the tournament with 485 runs.

Prateek Pawar with 403 runs

Micikl Jaiswal with 387 runs 


Praneeth Raj leading wicket-taker of the tournament taking 20 wickets.

Karan Kannan with 18

Pushkar with 15


The problem was raised because some of the team owners were given importance before the auction. The owners close to the panel members in the HCA were taken into special consideration even though there were a lot more applications that came to the auction process. only ten participants were decided to select their respective teams without bidding, If bidding had happened properly based on the rules HCA would have gained more than 1.5cr from team owners and HCA could have made the proper structure of the tournament and they have not met with the losses

HCA treasurer P Mahender

We had only 11 parties who needed to own a team. As the address mentioned a person said to take that place from that district. The party was unwilling and walked out. We gave ten teams to ten owners. So we didn’t go for the bidding process. As it was the first year, we were not able to call it properly. That’s why we are not able to get much of a financial benefit for the association. Next year, we will do it well and ensure that things are proper.HCA allowed the team owners to raise their sponsorship.”The teams can get sponsorship. But they will have to give 30% of the amount they generate over and above Rs 30 lakh.

The decision was taken by HCA favoring the sides of the team owners to earn as much as they can.


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