Why do maglev bullet trains seem quite marvelous?

I am super excited and you know why? We have come across the marvelous Maglev technology-based maglev bullet trains today. Have you ever traveled on a bullet train before? Normally, the bullet trains themselves run faster than 300 km ph. But the maglev bullet train has got more speed like 600 km ph. Yes, that would be right. Stay till the end to get the full picture.

Why do maglev bullet trains seem quite marvelous

Is it SC Maglev or Maglev bullet train?

Here, SC says superconductor says and maglev says magnetic levitation. So it had to be SC Maglev alright. You know how we used to study electromagnetic power. Regardless, bullet trains need some more power. So in this case, they used superconducting magnets.

What are SC magnets?

SC magnets must be as cold as it gets a super kind of electricity. Yeah, surely it creates nonstop electricity. Not only that but also it seems they push away the magnetic things. Once the superconductors head to any magnetic things, it develops their magnetic field kicking them farther away.

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How do the maglev bullet trains float?

It may sound out of the world but it simply means floating above the land. Now it may be quite difficult to believe but it does. Not at great heights but like only 10mm in height. At first, superconductors have present both in trains and guideways “A Guideway replaced the railway track here”. So the long long way of distance has these superconducting magnets in them. Hence the result will be a floating train.

Due to the magnetic reaction, the superconductors push away the magnets with their magnetic field. So the train has the same SC magnets floating about 10 mm above the guideway. In simple words, The guideway and the train that has SC magnets repel. So you know how the magnetic bullet train lifts only 10 mm away from the guideway track. You know why the train floats now right. I am sure it would be a breathtaking experience!

How do the maglev bullet trains move fast?

Til now, We came to know about how the train lifts away. Now let’s see how the train moves away. Magical as it seems, it uses Superconducting magnetic things. Both the train and guideway got fitted with magnets. Particularly, any magnetic things have both north and south poles right.

Here the train and guideway have some major magnetic things. However, the north poles push each other away. But opposite poles can become so close. When the north poles of the train and guideway match the train gets raised a little. Hence, the bullet train’s north pole and the guideway track’s south pole fit with each other. Next, the train’s South pole matches the guideway’s north pole.

Now, this is important to note. Ever since the opposite attracts it making the train move and attracting the north to the south. Hope you got the mechanism or I would say the magic behind it. That’s how the train propulsion works. Simply the train gets ahead at the time the north comes in contact with the south. And the train floats when both the north poles as well as the south poles approach.

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Maglev bullet trains got guideways

Now Guideway says railway tracks in this case the bullet train’s track. Mainly, this type of train can travel for hours in no time. It has a guideway of SC magnets that propels the magnetic bullet trains. You see, the bullet trains began their journey around the 1960s.

As it happened none other than Japan. Since then they traveled through bullet trains. Roughly they can travel in a few minutes rather than hours of traveling through other land transports. Just imagine how much time could be saved with the help of it. It is the fastest means of land transport without a doubt. In a few years, the US going to use it to travel between the cities. In India, it is not been introduced yet. Just because the cost is quite higher than the other trains.


Magnetic bullet trains are a boon to travel fast for sure. Maglev or SC maglev goes high on the scorecard. But with great trains comes great costs too. Overpriced or not, it’s quite a delight to just get to know about it briefly. I guess you enjoyed reading about the Maglev technology. Hope I covered everything about it. Who knows! You may also see it in other vehicles in the future.

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