Best ways to store CO2 pulled from the air

Best ways to store CO2 pulled from the air

Carbon dioxide CO2 levels in the atmosphere today are higher than at any point in the last 800,000 years and it is a piece of disturbing news for all of us. The higher amount of carbon dioxide is a major factor in global warming. carbon dioxide is a warm gas and due to the burning of fossil fuels, its concentration in the atmosphere is rising. A gas that absorbs and radiates heat is called a greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide is more abundant than other greenhouse gases and stays in the atmosphere much longer. When the percentage of Carbon dioxide increases it results in the rise of Earth’s temperature.

A rise in the percentage of Carbon dioxide has catastrophic results on Earth. The ascent in Carbon dioxide in the environment brings about an unnatural weather change and subsequently brings about the dissolving and evaporating of glacial masses, rise in oceanic water levels, heavy rainfall or no rainfall at all, and the occurrence of storms, tornadoes, and then typhoons flooding to name a few.

Green energy such as wind energy, hydel power, solar energy, etc is being promoted to rely less on fossil fuels. Scientists and genius researchers around the world are trying to find ways to store carbon dioxide emissions(CO2) from the atmosphere some of the ways by which Carbon dioxide can be stored are as follows.

Best ways to store CO2 pulled from the air

Underground storage – CO2:

When Carbon dioxide is removed from the factories, it is heated and compressed, and then put in the porous rock formation in The earth and if the area is not disturbed the carbon dioxide will turn into rock over time. It is an expensive way and is not done on a large scale.

Nature-Based Solutions:

This method is the most suitable and cheapest way to contain carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is done by planting more and more trees and creating swamps and algae which is also beneficial for the planet. The suggested measure of backwood cover is 30% of the complete land region of a nation and if each country achieves this it will work as a carbon sink for the world as well as good for other environmental issues.


Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere can be used to make concrete and countries are practicing this method because it is economical and creates revenue as well.


The plastics that are used nowadays are toxic to our environment but plastics made from carbon dioxide are more environment-friendly and can hold onto it for centuries to come.

Synthetic fuels:

The Fossil fuel industry uses a lot of energy in the process of extraction like coal, oil, and natural gas. Carbon dioxide extracted from the atmosphere and converted into synthetic fuels can satisfy some parts of fossil fuel demands and result in less fossil fuel consumption. Synthetic fuels will be much cheaper than fossil fuels as well.

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