What are some core differences between Left and right brain function?

The human brain will work in various organs. The brain is divided into two halves. Both sides can function with different kinds of activities. They are independent of each other to collect information from each body and sense through the brain. The brain can control overall transmission and several kinds of blood flow. Throughout the whole process in our human body, the brain is the most important part to collect and retrieve information from the body.

The left side and right side brain will help to store and process various information. According to researchers, it is either left-side-brained or right-brained. Right-brained are dominant. The left side brain has more creative thinking like better reading, writing, or any type of computation.

Left and right brain-What are some core differences

Difference Between Left and Right Brain

The left and right sides of the brain are two types of brain functions. Each brain has specific behavior and types of thinking power. The researcher Roger W. Sperry discovered the brain in the 1960s. Based on her theory, the left side brain can control many aspects such as language or logic function. While the right side tends to control memory information and observational skills. 

People have different ways of thinking based on their brains. Some of them will hear and easily capture everything but some people might write or draw on paper to capture or improve their skills. Most left-sided brain type persons are more logical, sequential, analytical, and objective. Weather right-sided brains people are creative, emotional, subjective, and holistic.

Left side brain function

• To be understood. If it is a picture or anything getting a big situation, think about the information about that picture and mention it through various ideas. 

• By functioning of the left-side muscle, movements are important while we are doing exercise like walking such kind of muscle movement will interact and the left-side brain will function properly.   

• To sense, a body is in space when one body is in space this type of left side brain can sense faster.

• The left-side brain has highly emotional functions. They tend to become emotional fast at any stage.

• Left brain function can sense the smell and audible sound and voice and the average capacity to taste as well. Various kinds of tastes and smells can be functioning through the left side brain. Also hearing sound and noise can sense through these types of brain functions.

• It can control the immune system

• By stimulating new experiences and avoidance behaviours.

• Left side brain functions involve involuntary bodily such as breathing, heart rate, and digestion.

Right side brain functions

• The right side allows younger children to understand the concepts. Children of various activities and their motivational behavior are determined on the right-side brain. To be understood, the specific values are less than the left side brain.

• Intellectual activities are eaten in the right brain. The process of thinking mental activities and memory functions will process through the right brain. These types include the overall shape of items and verbal ambiguity through emotions with various meanings. 

• Researchers describe that up to the age of 3 years the right brain will function as a primary role because children capture more and more things and learn through the environment they will see things and enjoy them.  

• A Balanced diet is a good source for a kid’s brain too. To improve memory and get the required nutrients they will boost their brain power. Most kids’ brains will be more powerful on the right-side brain.

Right side brain functions can understand the large body information through various kinds of huge problems that can be identified from the entire body.


People around the world have different types of characters with similar functions. The brain is one of the similar functions in the human body. They can work in various kinds and two halves are found in the left brain and right brain. Left-brained people have good mathematics and verbal and written language skills. Whereas right-brained people have good thinking power like drawing, art, music, etc., they have remembered the place, face, and events and also have understanding power. They collect large bodies of information from various sources and store them as well. Both types of left and right brains combined to work in a human normal brain.

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