Pollution: A Comprehensive Guide to a Cleaner Future in 2023

Today’s world is hotter and more crowded. An increase in population also increases pollution. Temperature increases due to deforestation. The atmosphere gets polluted through various factories and household dumping of waste materials. Chemical substances and toxic gases are used everywhere. These kinds of factories release more gas which affects people. The gas causes diseases in kids and adults. Nine out of ten people are breathing dirty air in our world which is affecting 7 million people.

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How to prevent pollution

Pollution is one of the major causes of humans which causes dangerous diseases and health issues. Different types of pollution such as air, water, noise, light, etc. 

By using public transport air contamination will be reduced. It reduces energy and gas as well because an increase in population and an increase in vehicles cause more consumption of fossil fuel and gas. By reducing such a kind of contamination we all need public transport and we can also save money.

Recycle and reuse the waste product. Plastic covers are undecayed products so recycling these products can be used in the future. Additionally, air contamination is reduced. Disposal of waste material by burning can cause air contamination and affect people. Recycling products can take less power than producing the product.

Try to avoid using air conditioning instead of using a fan. AC is not good for health compared to fresh air.  AC air usually circulates inside the room which can cause disease if more people are in the room. AC takes a lot of energy and emits a lot of heat. Compared to fans AC can take a lot of energy which is not good for the environment.

Avoid the use of chemical products like paints, perfumes, and makeup products. The use of chemical products may cause illness and disorder and the skin might get damaged. Reducing the chemical products may lead to a good ecosystem. Chemical products can lead to contamination. 

Crackers and smoking cause the air quality to decrease. The use of crackers during festivals and weddings affects the air. The smoke coming from the crackers is very harmful. Inside crackers are filled full of chemicals. 

By using public transport, air contamination can be reduced significantly. It not only reduces energy consumption but also decreases the use of gas. An increase in population and vehicles leads to more consumption of fossil fuels and gas. By reducing such pollution through the use of public transport, we can also save money.

Safety measures for our health from pollution

Wear your mask

A face mask is one of the best measures against contamination. In the current situation, many people are affected. They live their life continuously through pollution. Wearing a mask will help to protect from contamination.

Air purifier

Air purifiers are great technology devices that remove dirt from the air. An air purifier can clean and purify the air we breathe. The air purifier can help the long-term soundness of our family. Plants help to give fresh air and refresh the environment.

Healthy food 

Healthy food is beneficial for our fitness. Taking plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beneficial fats into your diet reduces contamination. To stay hydrated all the time and also do required physical activities.


According to the effects of pollution, the quality of air is not good. Around the world, people are breathing dangerous air that represents a serious fitness risk. Increasing contamination may affect diseases that cause more symptoms. To reduce contamination we need to protect them in various ways. Like, such as recycling or reducing the products to make organic products in the market. Different types of contamination such as water, air, noise, etc.

More about Pollution Prevention

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