History of genesis motor and evolution of genesis cars

History of genesis motor and evolution of genesis cars

Genesis automobile company(genesis cars) would be one of the significant car companies around the world. Also, Genesis means “Beginning” and just like the name the car brand would be the beginning of many innovations.

Although it has created only in the year 2003, it made its stand in the automobile industry. However, it focuses on luxury cars, yet that didn’t stop them from giving quality and reliability. Here we would be looking at the automobiles and their car mode

At the beginning of the Genesis automobiles / Genesis cars

First Genesis cars have introduced with its so-called concept car in the year 2003. Simply the concept car means “a car that has been created to exhibit new automobile technologies”. Moving forward, they would look at the people’s feedback to decide on the production rates. Later on, it released the concept model in South Korea in the year 2004. Still, it has known as the first generation Genesis car for Hyundai company.

After that, the automobile company released its second-generation car in the year 2007. Right after its release, the car company got quite popular among its peers. Plus, it came to be the favorite car brand for many. After all, it has got quality, dependability along with luxury features.

The G90 Genesis cars model

Then the G90 Genesis car got revealed in South Korea in the year 2015. Further, it became available in the US market under Hyundai motors in the year 2016. Now this car g90 has grand features at an affordable price compared to others. Additionally, it would be a mid-size car with five spacious seats along with v6 or v8 engines fitted. Either it has a back wheel or a wheel drive system that could go to 60 miles in around 5 seconds.

History of genesis motor and evolution of genesis cars

The G80 genesis cars model

In the year 2016, the Genesis g80 got revealed at the North American auto show. Notably, this car has features competing with the other best car brands like Audi A6, Mercedes-Benz, and BMWs. The car model g80 has v6 and v8 engines. Furthermore, it has a special twin-turbocharged engine that provides gas capacity along with extra performance. Other than that, the car could go 149 miles per hour.

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The G70 genesis car model

This g70 model being the third significant genesis car model got released at one of the global events. Still, it came in the red sporty model car that has a coup shape. Surely it could go 145 miles per hour. Besides, it has the honorable award of the 2019 North American Car of the year. Finally, the efforts got rewarded greatly. Slowly, the car became the favorite among many people.

The Genesis Essentia and Genesis mint concept car models

Unlike the previous models of Genesis, this car model became the concept sports car. And it got revealed in one of the US auto shows in the year 2018. Though it would be the first electric car of the genesis automobiles. Mainly those powertrain included engines come as a reliable one. After all, it gives more power at even greater performance levels. Whereas Genesis mint became an electric concept car that defined the future of Genesis automobiles.

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The 2019 Genesis G90 car model

The G90 genesis car model came out in the year 2019. But then it would be an upgraded design from its previous G90 model from the year 2015. Yet, it has a more modern layout and higher overall performance for an easy ride. Plus, it moves at 182 miles consistent with the hour.

The Genesis GV80 & GV70 car models

These two car models become the first-ever SUV models by Genesis automobiles in 2020. In that, the gv80 would be the first SUV model that has uncompromising features. Following that, the gv70 would be the second SUV model. Alike, it has power trains including turbocharged engines. Similarly, the top speed could go more than 140 miles per hour.

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The Genesis X

The Genesis X concept car became the electric car. In the year 2021, it got revealed and comes under a two-door sports car. Despite that, it has sold off largely in the US region. So far it has become a decent car to buy from the Genesis car brand.


So that would be the Genesis cars to date. Undoubtedly, it would be the young car company that stood in the automobile industry. As you could see, Genesis cars would be both stylish and reliable for their price. What do you think of this automobile from Hyundai?

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