History of Morris Garages – MG Motors India Automotive company

MG Motors India Automotive company – Now when you look at the name you might never think of it as one of the greatest car brands. Though, the biggest Chinese company purchased it for a lump sum amount. Still, it got the looks of the English car designs. Today we would have a look at the age-old as well as the best automobiles from the British. Let’s get to the story first. Shall we!

The origin of the Morris Garage(MG Motors)

So there should be an important person behind the company’s success. Alike, in this case, there would be not one but two people who have worked for it. First, let’s begin with the brilliant guy who designed the primary automobile, Cecil Kimber. Also, his father worked as an engineer and Cecil Kimber used to help him make motorcycles. Whereas he missed his leg in an accident, then he left the motorbike enterprise in 1914.

The other significant person William Morris left his school at the age of only 10. Then he began his job in a bicycle organization designing bicycles. In a while, he upgraded to motorcycle making in the year 1901. After 10 years, he started his car rental business in 1910. Moreover, he grew to become the agency into Morris Garage, wherein he started out making cars. Well, the two great car creators developed the company into MG Motors. Quite a lot of work behind the automobile, don’t you think!

History of  Morris Garages - MG Motors India Automotive company

The MG Motor car versions

In the year 1924, the MG company developed its first car called MG 42/28 which Cecil Kimber designed. Further, in the year 1933, they designed a super racing car version MG K3. At that time, it became the most popular racing car. Just because it gained the International racing championship, it has become the most powerful automobile as well. Unfortunately, the founder of MG garages Mr. Cecil Kimber died in a train accident in the year 1946.

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World’s record-breaking MG car

Even so, MG Ex181 got produced by Mr. Morris in the year 1957. Plus, It could go to a speed of more than 250 miles per hour. As a result, it came to be a world record in itself. Sadly, the founder of Morris Motors, Mr. Morris also died in the year 1964.

The recent happenings of MG Motors

In the beginning, the two distinct companies, MG garages, and Morris Motors were developed. Whereas, both companies joined hands together to form MG Motors. Somehow, the Chinese company SAIC motor took over MG Motors in 2007. Still running the MG motors in its name itself. Importantly, the car designs got similar to the British MG Motors. So the legacy has been made safe!

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That would be the good old history of the Morris Garage. Undoubtedly, it came to be the British automobile till the year 2006. Although the SAIC motor bought the automobile, it got to be no less to Morris garage. You see, it might be the world’s twelfth biggest automobile manufacturer. Hence, we can make sure it went to safe hands. Now you know the history, why don’t you share your thoughts on this?

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