How does Burj Khalifa still stand magnificent in 2022?

Come on! Today we shall look at the highest building in the whole world. Yes, it becomes a wonder as it stands tall even in 2022. However, I feel that Burj Khalifa seems to be the highest one around the world. Let alone in Dubai, UAE. But have we ever imagined how it got there? Especially all those efforts of men and women behind it. Although, it becomes a sight to behold. I know I am as excited as you all. Let’s move on.

Dubai constructed the world's biggest Burj Khalifa. Although It came to be interesting to see the other developed countries did not get one or even needed one!

Burj Khalifa got the strongest foundation

As you see the height of this would be more than 2700 feet. Also, we could say the world-class engineers did justice to the lengthiest tower. Notably, Emaar became the one who built this wonder and they became the world’s biggest real estate business.

Yet it would only be fair to provide the strong ground and Dubai could not do it. That has where science came in and the architects decided to place steel pillars. And approximately 190 steel pillars at the same height supported the huge skyscraper. After a lot of thought, the building engineers brought in steel pillars. Whereas those 50 feet long steel pillars gave toughness to the erection. Undoubtedly, it exists as a huge erection to date.

Burj Khalifa got an infamous design

Buttress would be the first-ever design of Burj Khalifa. Despite that, it became the first building model to have the design features. Single-handedly, this design helped a lot in building endurance to date. Almost it took an estimated three years for this design. Ever since they had around six years to complete the whole project. Mainly, time management played a major role. Also, the engineers commenced the entire building and design process. So the buttress came to be the tower design which meant extra robust support for the whole construction.

5 inescapable demands of Burj Khalifa

You know what, the Burj Khalifa had five most significant demands. Alike, it happened to be the biggest building in the world. And the construction got accomplished after a great endeavor. If you ask me will list out some major challenges.

How to take concrete to large heights?

Firstly they built longer as well as stronger pipes all over the tower. Then they worked along with the world’s best pumping machines to pump the concrete. If you ask me it would be a great job done by the building workers. Let alone the awesome pumping machine carried over huge concrete amounts to great lengths.

World’s highest crane:

Right then the engineers and architects built 120 floors. The world’s major crane operators arrived just because the building workers couldn’t deal with it. On the whole, all the 140 floors have been developed. Mainly because the crane operators ate, slept, and stayed within the crane cabin.

Dubai constructed the world's biggest Burj Khalifa. Although It came to be interesting to see the other developed countries did not get one or even needed one!

World’s amazing reflecting window glass panels:

Now one of the main problems would be the temperature in Dubai. Due to that, they had a rough time handling window glass panels let alone fixing them. You know what, the building located in Dubai has higher temperatures which go over 98 degrees Fahrenheit. After the building halted for a while. Yet, the most promising engineer John Zerfa came forth with a best as well as costly solution. Whereas, the world-class UV rays reflecting glass panels came to the rescue. At last, the company workers created all the necessary window glasses and then fixed them. Thus, the issue got sorted out

How to fix the top lightning rod?

Above all, the top lightning rod must be fixed. But all the workers including the crane operators could not work above a certain point. At that time, the architects and engineers decided to work from the inside. To our surprise, they fixed up the iron rod by cutting them into smaller pieces. One by one they took it to the top right within the building itself. Finally, the building engineers fixed the 350 tonnes of lightning rod. Like a cherry on the cake!

Construction waste:

You know what, after this lengthiest building got over on time. Only that it became quite dirty due to debris. So it needed polishing and thousands of workers polished it with their own hands. Every once in a while they needed to polish it just like that.


So That’s how the great Burj Khalifa stands tall to date and for many more years to come. I am sure you got to know the world’s best work to build the world’s giant building. Not to mention we would like to know your comments on this one. How many of you have been there before or want to be there in the future?

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