How to make the best-fried rice according to physics


Everyone loves fried rice. Cooking is a passion for all homemakers and also restaurants. Fried rice is a 1500 years old dish. And it is prepared using work tossing. Food is prepared at a temperature up to 1200 degrees Celsius without burning. 64.5% of Chinese restaurant chefs will report as at the high speed the tossing causes the chef will affect shoulder pain. But the work will be 0.3 seconds with two directions of movement. Throw the rice into the air along the work and rotate the pan. Mostly fried rice is made in Asian cuisines with a variety of recipes with different tastes.

How to make the best-fried rice according to physics

In the fried rice recipe restaurants are using different ingredients for taste and a variety of fried rice is cooked. People also need more tasty and more spice. Chefs toss fried rice in the air to keep it from burning. Fried rice and its ingredients cook food at a high temperature in a pan. Chefs will throw approximately three times per second and repeat the toss.

Making fried rice is easy but getting it through the right way

  • Use cold water to soak the rice left in the fridge overnight. By using this water the rice grains will settle up and easier to separate your fried rice. If you can’t wait for freshly cooked rice to become moist, the cooking rice will refrigerate for a few hours.
  • For the preparation of fried rice, use medium-long grains because short rice grains become softer and stick together. While using medium grains such as jasmine rice or fluffy sturdy grains that do not clump or fall apart when fried.
  • Working with a hot pan, adding an adequate amount of oil for your ingredients does not stick to the surface like these adding we can achieve our dishes. Its taste is nice and smooth.
  • Use a big pan in your kitchen and add ingredients, don’t try to cook for your family. You should half cook the serving time. When you have too many ingredients, the rice clumps together. Put it all together and make seasoning. 
  • You should add the seasoning sauce or oyster sauce. Also, we can add more taste like some salt with your tasted sauce. Too much sauce will make your rice mushy.
  • Fried rice typically has a lot of fats, low added salt, more vegetables used, high in protein and healthy grains.


Fried rice is one of those dishes to cook perfectly, traditionally the dishes work with chefs tossing the rice to avoid burning.

Hung tang ko learned to cook fried rice in his childhood. They said that it is very easy to chop your ingredients into small pieces and throw them into the pan. But most chefs do fancy mixing the materials to toss the work. But the taste is not good.

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