Industrialization All you must know

Industrialization is a period under which social and economic change tends to transform the agricultural society into an industrial one. Industrialization consists of a huge change in the organization of the economy related to manufacturing.

In earlier times industrialization is something which is increasing pollution in the environment. The industries are polluting the environment as they are highly dependent on fossil fuels. But with time the increase in the focus on sustainable development leads industries towards technologically advanced. You can also read about Suez Canal.

Industrialization has an effect both economically and socially. Industrial worker income increases, the market for consumer goods and services. It also motivates industrial investment and economic growth. The family system starts to shift from one place to another.

History of Industrialization


The first transformation of the agricultural economy of the industrial economy is known as the Industrial Revolution. The industrial revolution started in the mid of the 18th century to early 19th century. It takes place in some areas of Europe and North America.

The Characteristics of this revolution is moving towards the technological part. It shifted from rural work to industrial labor, financial investment in the industrial sector. This revolution was the first industrial revolution. Additionally,. read more about the Panama Canal

The Second Industrial Revolution came in after the modification of the steam engine in the mid-19th century. The invention of internal combustion engines, electric power lines, railways, construction of canals has boosted the industry at this time. Transportation has become faster and coal mines, steelworks, and textile factories replaced.

At the end of the 20th century, East Asia has become the most recently industrialized region of the world. Countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are some of the countries undergoing the process of industrialization. Industrialization brings a social infrastructural change in society. Additionally you can learn more about Social infrastructure here.

Impact of Industrial Revolution on Social StructureIndustrialization

The industrial revolution brings changes in society. The social structure mainly changes according to the transition of farm work to factory work-related activities. The revolution brought the class difference between the common people and the working people. It also affected the family system as people are moving to the city area from agricultural work to the cities. 

The position of women is also changed now women are also working. Industrialization increases the number of child laborers in society.


Industrialization is a period under which social and economic change tends to transform the agricultural society into an industrial one.

The industrial revolution also led to urbanization. The rural people are moving to places where industries are set in search of jobs. Because of this, the population of this area increased and the town developed. The amount of labor in the region increases the size of settlements and houses of factory workers.

 The concentration of labor in factories has increased urbanization and the size of settlements, to serve and house the factory workers.

Industrialization brought huge changes in the society as well as the economy of a region. It leads to maximum production from the industries. Industrialization also improves the living standard of the people leaving in the society. It makes them more urbanized

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