The revolutionary car with its first in segments Citroen

Have you ever come across a revolutionary car? I’m sure you aren’t right. Citroen cars would be all about rebellion. Yes, it becomes the first-ever car to have come up with all-new features. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been known to the world. Here, I would be delighted to tell you all about the car’s features. Even the first in segments along with its history. Let’s go.

The revolutionary car with its first in segments Citroen

The man behind the car revolution

Andre Citroen created a car in 1919. Also, Citroen cars have been created, developed, and produced by him. Ever since it has been a European brand as well as headquartered in France. Though it began a century ago, the cars still got it.

At first, he had a weapon industry that did a great job during world war.  After a while, he had this thirst for automobiles. And he wanted to get his hands on the booming industry then.

Starting with a couple of automobile engineers, he made his entry into the business. However, one of the engineers agreed upon the making of a car. Not to mention, they both had the same mind wavelength.

The radical history of Citroen cars

Citroen type A cars were created at last in 1919. Even so, it got sold off a few weeks after its production date. Without stopping, Mr. Citroen wanted to develop an off-roading vehicle. Especially one that would be built for military use. Whereas, the truck has known as a Citroen Kegresse.

Later in the 1920s, the US Army bought it. Additionally, Citroen produced about 40,000 of those military trucks for the US Army. Like I told you, it got a little revolution in itself, right.

The unconventional Ad for Citroen

Indeed, it would be the unique advertisement on the top of the Eiffel Tower. You see, Mr. Citroen gave an Ad lighting in the name of Citroen cars. Further, many people came forward to test drive the car. Undoubtedly, they liked the car so much that the car sold off in no time.

First in segments of Citroen

Then the car company created the Citroen traction Avant, which broke the world record. Alike, this car model would be the mass production car model around the world. Shall we start with the so-called first in segments of Citroen traction Avant?

1. The whole car has made with a single frame. Simply cool to look at it, alright. To our surprise, it would be the first car to have that kind of feature.

2. Besides, the car has got separate suspensions for each car wheel. Plus, it would be the most important car feature. Well, go for a ride where you won’t feel a thing. Notably, it has known as hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension. No matter how bad the road conditions would be, you feel the utmost comfort.

3. Moreover, the Car has created a front-wheel-drive for the first time. Following that, most cars belong to this kind of design to date.

4. Furthermore, the car has even got four individual disc brakes and swiveling headlights. And those headlights got curving lamps. Particularly helpful when you drive through hills and bends.

Ready for an open car challenge?

The Citroen made an open challenge to all other cars worldwide. Could you drive a car with only three wheels? Well, only the Citroen could do it with its independent suspensions for three wheels.

Car of the century

Above all, the Citroen car model DS got the “car of the century” award in 1999. Regardless, it has considered the most prestigious award worldwide. No doubt that it went to Citroen cars right. I meant, they deserved it.


So, that would be revolutionary Citroen cars for you. Don’t you think that it has a lot of features in itself? That too has an all-new first in segments. Not to mention, it made quite a few world records with its rebellious designs.

Importantly, the three most celebrated brands Maserati, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes-Benz bought the pattern rights. All that for the independent suspension. Such a huge thing, right! Now you would know that the car has become a revolution in its features in the world. Would you like to add some more? Share your comments with us without fail.

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