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The Story Of The BMW M1 – Now, many would expect it would be the race car of its time. One which has seen many races in its history too. But then this one has a different kind of history in itself. At first, this model couldn’t even qualify in the GT. Despite that, it would be the fastest supercar of its time. Shall we see the rest of the story too?

BMW has owned racing for the M1 supercars. BMW car company opened a race that lasted only in 1979. The legendary Niki Lauda won the BMW pro car championship

The incredible journey of the supercar – BMW M1

No doubt that the BMW cars ruled the roads. By then they had a quest to go for the GT championship also. Yes, that would be its starting point. Firstly, the BMW went on to the Lamborghini brand to create the car. At the time, they came to be one of the best race carmakers. So it would be obvious, right.

However, Lamborghini took all the money from BMW to proceed with the car. Upon agreement, Lamborghini said it would make about 400 race cars. Even it got the popular car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro to design the race car.

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The supercar stuck under financial crisis  – BMW M1

And then a while later, it got delayed on the production side. Unfortunately, Lamborghini got into a financial crisis. All of a sudden, it couldn’t finish what it has started. Just a prototype model race car has been left now. Finally, BMW got the race car from Lamborghini.

Somehow, just before the GT championship, the BMW M1 got released. Not to mention after a great struggle from both the automobiles. Hence, it couldn’t enter the race. Before you get too disappointed, it did race once the GT policies got changed. 

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BMW Pro car championship 

BMW has owned racing for the M1 supercars. You read that right! You see, to qualify for the GT 400 cars must be made. Quite a big task! Yet, Lamborghini couldn’t complete the BMW M1 production right. Not backing up, BMW built almost more than 400 supercars. In that, 300 of the cars went for sale. As well as the 50 cars that went for racing. Task completed!

You know what, all that 50 needed a race to compete. All those race cars and no race, though. Alternatively, the BMW car company opened a race that lasted only in 1979. Or so they called it, the BMW pro car championship.

Whereas, the racing became a support series for F1 racing. Also, the legendary Niki Lauda won the BMW pro car championship that year. Eventually, the GT racing series changed its rules to qualify the BMW pro cars. In the end, all those efforts didn’t go in vain.

The outstanding design and speed

In addition, the car design came to be a remarkable thing. Particularly with all those vents all over the car. For instance, you need to look at the car to understand what I am talking about. Plus, you won’t see it in any other car designs.

Likewise, the top speed goes from 0 to 60 in just five seconds. Even so, it would not be considered as fast enough today. Back then, it would be the fastest racecar. Believe it or not, it got ahead of time.

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BMW made a stand in the racing world too. Similarly, BMW M1 and BMW pro car series went on to rock car races. Unfortunately, it has meant for a while for the BMW pro car series. So that would be the end of the BMW M1 pro car racing. Now we would like to hear your thoughts and comments on it. Do share it without fail.

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