The unheard history of the tough old Peugeot

I’m sure you have not heard the history of Peugeot, right! We always talk greatly about cars and also their specifications. Have you ever thought about its origin? I mean, however, it has become tough old automobiles? So let’s get more knowledge about its unheard history. Shall we?

The beginning of the car history

Could you believe that Peugeot didn’t build cars at first? However, It has produced some notable sewing machines. And also coffee makers. Next, they have created bicycles too. And that came to be the very first beginning of these Peugeot cars. It all started in the year 1810. Also, it happens to be a French automobile company.

The unheard history of the tough old Peugeot

Early times of Peugeot cars

In early times, the Peugeot car developed cars that looked like carriages. Whereas, It has resembled a lot like its previous bicycle models. It had a thorough painting job too. As well as, it had a tubular structure.

Finally, they achieved success in endurance races. Yes, It happened to be the end of the 19th century. Where in the 1890s the type c version won a race from Paris to Bordeaux. Then the Peugeot type c car went back to Paris. Though, It came around the speed of 13 miles per hour.

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Modern cars of 1901

Since 1901, it has been developed cars using modern technology. For instance, the Peugeot cars had engines placed in the front. It made one family member of Peugeot go away. In addition, he went on to make low-cost models. Still, it couldn’t be a success.

1920s tough cars

In the 1920s, the car company Peugeot started creating tough cars. Therefore, to withstand the driving conditions.

The big turning point

And then there has been a big turning point in Peugeot car history. Yes, they started calling their cars with a zero in the middle. Ever since the cars got three-digit numbers with a zero in their midst. Moreover, It happened in the 1930s. A name that got its huge popularity.

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The Peugeot 402

The Peugeot 402 came around in 1935. But It has a standard car design. Despite that, the insides of the car got more space. It even has a big bench seat in front. Those things added luxury to it.

Eventually, Peugeot rises to one of the leading automobile industries. Peugeot came out as one of the best in the 1930s. Especially the 402 cars especially became a knockoff at the Paris show. You know what, the 402 changed into this cool convertible car.

After the second world war, Peugeot made another model called the 203. Suddenly the car model came to be the most popular one. As well as the 403 car version was released in the 1950s. Next, Peugeot built the upgraded 404 car model. To their surprise, it has won quite a few car rallies. The Peugeot 404 version has been the topmost race car. It won the East African safari in the 1960s.

The unheard history of the tough old Peugeot

Peugeot still goes on

Yet there have been many cars that came out. In the initial days of the 21st century, it became a cool sports car. Then it has continued to be an ideal sports car image. Likewise, Peugeot celebrated its 200 years of success in the year 2010. Although, it has been running automobiles.


Peugeot has made the toughest cars in France. Yes, it has become one of the automobiles running on its own. I think we would be seeing more cars from Peugeot. What do you suppose the future holds for Peugeot?, and read for more information about Peugeot, and also Get to more about the other tough old cars. Thank you bye-bye!

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