What is Climate change? – Impacts of climate change on the plants and animals

What is Climate change?

The change in climate caused by the emission of greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide and methane due to the burning of fossil fuels for energy use is called climate change. Unfavorable agricultural practices, industrial pollution, and deforestation are the other sources of climate change.

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The sunlight enters the atmosphere and when the earth tries to emit that light as infrared the greenhouse gases block it from doing so hence resulting in climate change and global warming. Climate change is not a new concept and has been happening since the formation of climate on Earth but in recent years, it is happening much faster and has become a major concern of scientists and researchers.

Some of the major results of climate change

Major results of climate change are,

  • Desertification
  • Heat waves and forest fires or wildfires are becoming more common
  • Loss of glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctica and on the mountains of the world, sea ice loss is resulting due to climate change
  • Storms that are more intense, droughts, and heavy or no rainfall 
  • Extinction of animals and plants
  • The rise in sea and ocean level

Impact of Climate Change on Plants

Destruction of habitat

Climate change is making it tougher for some species of plants, to grow and survive. Heavy rainfall or no rainfall, a warmer climate, desertification, and floods in different parts of the world are causing loss of habitat for several species of plants.

Depletion of the soil

Plants need nutrient-rich soil for their better growth. Climate change is depleting nutrients present in the soil. Climate change also causes soil erosion resulting in soil depletion

Changes in the life cycles of plants

Climate change is altering the life cycles of many plants. Due to drastic climate changes, plants are finding it difficult to grow. They are flowering sooner or later than usual and last longer than fall.

Impact of Climate Change on Animals

Loss of habitat

Due to Climate change, the Earth’s temperature is rising resulting in the melting of snow cover near the poles and mountains, this is causing many species of animals such as polar bears, snow foxes, and some species of fish to move toward colder regions and hence causing loss of habitat. The loss of coral reefs that house marine life is an example of the loss of habitat.

It causes migration

Migration is one of the major results of climate change. Different places on Earth are known for their distinct animal species of animals. Still, climatic changes resulting in the melting of snow cover, desertification, floods, and droughts have led the animals to migrate to places that are better suited for their survival.

Changes in the life cycle of animals

Some animals hibernate for some time but due to climate change, their pattern of hibernating is changing. Many birds are flying to northern regions for their survival. Many animals are either endangered or extinct due to changes in their life cycle.

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What are the 3 impacts of Climate Change on Plants?

Impacts of climate change on plants are,

1. Destruction of habitat
2. Depletion of the soil
3. Changes in the life cycles of plants

What are the 3 impacts of Climate Change on Animals?

Impacts of climate change on animals are,

1. Loss of habit
2. It causes migration
3. Changes in the life cycle of animals

What are the causes of Climate changes?

Causes of climate changes are,

1. Cutting down Forests
2. Manufacturing Goods
3. Using Transportation
4. Producing Food
5. Volconic Activity
6. Greenhouse Gases
7. Varations in Solar Activity

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