What is Social sciences, and their relation to Business and careers in our life?

What is Social sciences?

Social sciences is the study of society and the manner in which people behave and influence the world around as. It focuses on human society or the human condition in general.

The group of academic studies related to the study and examination of society is studied under social sciences. It is a branch of sciences that studies the interaction between people and societies, their behavior, development as a culture, and influence on the world stage. 

Some of the branches of social sciences include anthropology, psychology, political science, economics, sociology, history, etcetera. A social science student has several career options such as working as an economist, psychologist, sociologist, social worker, or in law, governmental organizations, NGOs, as well ethics, and other academia.

A better understanding of social science

The social sciences study equips us to explain and understand how society works with the help of explorations of the society. Major issues related to society such as poverty, unemployment, gender gap, inequality, development, etc. are studied in social sciences. The interaction between individuals and societies, the development of an individual as well as society, and the operation of society are all a matter of study in social sciences.

History is sometimes considered a social science study but many historians consider it a subject more related to humanities. Social sciences and humanities both study human beings, and the difference between them is that the social sciences are based on scientific methods being applied to study and humanities are more philosophical and less scientific.

Social sciences and their relation to Business

The terms such as human behavior, relationships with other humans, attitudes, and how individuals and societies change over time are a matter of study in social science. These terms are often used in the business sector.  

Psychologists analyze and predict the business-related decision-making of an individual or a company as a whole. Economists try to study the market and predict the present and future outcomes of a business. They help individuals and organizations to reach their goals in terms of the issues.

Careers in Social sciences

An individual studying in branches of social sciences can go for several job titles such as anthropologist, psychologist, in-law, sociologist, government officer, economist, etcetera.

There are several social sciences studies such as Anthropology, Demography, Economics, ethics studies, sociology, psychology, Law, political science, linguistics, etcetera. One can pursue these courses and choose their careers according to their needs and the subjects studied.


Social sciences help us to understand the interaction between individuals and the social system. They play an important role in the policy-making and development of networks. 

A Government is accountable to its people because it is made with the help of people in the form of votes. Social sciences promote democracy all over the world. A better understanding of individuals and society helps social scientists in several ways such as making programs for poverty alleviation, decreasing the gender gap, and knowing and understanding the needs of different ethnic and cultural groups. 

Unemployment is a major issue in front of governments and with the help of social sciences, governmental organizations can analyze and understand the problem and help unemployed people accordingly. Social sciences study helps a person to be good citizens and equips them with tools to lead their lives in a much better way.

Credits: Sheffield Methods Institute


What is the 5 importance of social science?

It provides knowledge of social development. It develops social behavior. It develops civil qualities. It develops the power of thinking and reasoning.

Who is called a social scientist?

A social scientist is a professional who uses the scientific method to study human society and individual relationships.

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