Water: 5 Essential Role of Water in Our Well-being

Water is the most important source of our body. We need to consume 9 to 10 cups of water daily. We lose H2O daily through perspiration, urination, and bowel movements. Lost overall H2O content in your body may cause health issues. Consuming plenty of H2O makes our body hydrated and healthy. This is not a fixed quality of H2O. Should consume daily but 9 to 10 cups are important. Consuming more H2O can reduce all diseases.

Most people will not consume safe drinking water. It must be clean and safe H2O, without safe sanitation H2O is polluted. Waste materials and used things are thrown into the H2O, get polluted, and cause more health problems.

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Most people don’t have access to safe drinking H2O. It’s crucial that the H2O we consume is clean and safe. Polluted H2O, often contaminated by waste materials and used items, can cause numerous health problems.

Water keeps skin and body healthy

Taking plenty of water makes your body and skin healthy. Rough skin or harder skin gets smoother while consuming more water. The outer layer of our skin needs H2O to be smooth and healthy. To get natural skin moisture our body with the required H2O. H2O helps in multiple ways. In the body, each part of the cell needs a specific amount of H2O. It regulates body temperature and balances the PH level 

Body fluids transport waste products in and out of cells. Getting enough H2O ensures urination flows freely, preventing urinary infections and changes in urine color that could damage the kidneys.

Water helps prevent disease

Water will control all kinds of diseases. It helps with constipation. Take some H2O on an empty stomach in the morning to prevent stool and be helpful to our body. The flow of blood circulation from the body will be good. H2O helps us to prevent urinary infections. It helps to reduce fever, nose, eye, etc. It will keep frequently and dehydrate easily. 

Reduce your weight

Consuming water before going to a meal. Consume half a liter of H2O before and after taking food. These may help to eat less food. Daily we try to reduce our body weight. Increasing the H2O content in the body will function properly and reduce your weight as well. Also, we need to balance our diet and exercise regularly. While doing any exercise unwanted H2O goes out of the body and burns your calories. In between exercises don’t swallow too much H2O. After finishing you may consume H2O to boost your energy.

Water makes your food digestive

Food that we take daily to get healthy. To eat an excess amount of high-fat fast food. Balance your diet and sufficient nutrition-rich food. H2O-rich foods are good for health and they digest easily. Consuming more and more H2O before and after getting food helps to digest our body. Eat more H2O-content fruits and vegetables. H2O is needed to carry nutrition and minerals to all parts of the body. 

Water helps your kidneys

Body fluids produce waste products in and out of the cells. Getting enough H2O makes urination flow freely. However not getting sufficient H2O makes urine get infected and changes in color. So that it causes damage to the kidney. The kidney needs extra fluid to function properly. By taking H2O, the kidneys will clean and rid your body of toxins. The toxins are blood urea nitrogen which is H2O-soluble waste that is excreted and passed through urine. Insufficient fluid in the body leads to kidney stones and other problems.


For the human body, we can’t live or survive without H2O. It is the most essential compound for our health. To get balance more energetic H2O is needed. Our body parts and their function work properly by taking plenty of H2O. You can consume how much H2O is needed for a day. Nowadays H2O is more in shortage due to the increasing population and industries. So eat healthy water-rich food like fruits and vegetables

why water is essential for life?


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