Genetic Risks in Marriages Among Relatives: The Truth

Marriage between blood relations leads to health issues for the child. Because family members have some genetic disorder. The gene is like a copy of born babies. So the children have congenital abnormalities while married to close relatives. But the problem is less in number because nowadays most people do not think about their families. Among families, some misunderstandings and problems happen so the ego is the main reason for not mingling much more.

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The Biggest problem is once we are married a close family of ours may have family defects. It will spread to the born babies. Close comparative couples can see these types of illnesses among babies. Medical terms also say that a first cousin is a married close family, which will change the birth effect. Which may increase several diseases in infants. 

Advantages of Marriage between close relative

Marriage between close families will bring understanding and awareness of themselves. They were close to each other earlier and now. Close families may know about their culture and traditions, so they need not convey the formalities of marriage. Family members are close family to each other and can share their DNA. Close families encourage couples to marry each other to maintain their relationship life longer. In some families, parents will discuss earlier without their maturity stage. They will decide and increase their interest in each other. They depend on the rules and regulations where they live. 

  • They have a good relationship with each other.
  • Life longer stays together and has a good bonding.
  • They are more stable in society with fewer social problems. 
  • Financial issues are reduced because they are from the same family and know each other.
  • Reduce stress and it is easy for parents to share their responsibilities 
  • Children have support and happiness with two parents who can balance to develop the kids. 

Disadvantages of marriage between close relative

Marriage between close families is for born babies. Because due to some abnormalities among their grandparent babies will be affected by their genes. The risk of having a baby’s heart or nervous system will be the cause of the symptoms in blood relation. Due to these conditions, 90 more babies have died or been affected by birth effects in some countries. Financial problems may arise between both families. A genetic disorder is the major cause of close families. Counseling is given to married couples. Through that, they need to focus on their needs and their start-up life. Identify their birth disorder earlier and make it recover faster. 

  • Single people can happily live their life but close families restrict their freedom.
  • Couples have to deal with both families and sometimes problems and conflicts arise.
  • Women change their names and documents for social security, they can make it fast due to the same caste and religion. 
  • The traditional wedding has more limitations than others and has a less expensive ceremony for their families. 
  •  Born babies or an infant have more health issues, they are affected by various health disorders. 

Important Points to Know

  1. Historical and Cultural Context: Discuss how marriages between close families have been viewed in different cultures and historical periods. This could include societal norms, religious beliefs, and legal restrictions.
  2. Genetic Disorders: Expand on the types of hereditable disorders that can occur in children born from these weddings. You could explain the science behind why these disorders occur and provide examples.
  3. Preventive Measures and Genetic Counseling: Discuss the role of hereditary counseling for couples who are close families. Explain how genetic screening can help identify potential risks and guide couples in their decision-making process.
  4. Personal Stories and Case Studies: Include personal stories or case studies to illustrate the real-life implications of these matrimonies. This could make your article more relatable and engaging for readers.
  5. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Discuss the legal and ethical considerations surrounding marriages between close families. This could include debates on personal freedom versus societal norms and health risks.


Wedding is one of the natural parts of every human. Arranged matrimonies are usually formed in various cultures according to their families. Various caste and religious peoples have a variety of cultural styles. Wedding between close families occurs in all religious groups of people. So by creating these types of people have some genetic disorders in their genes. These kinds of illnesses and disorders occur at birth itself. 

Is it safe to marry close families? 

credit – Dr. Shashi Agrawal

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