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Do you need an all-purpose car along with comfortability at an affordable price?

Audi R8 is the car for it. It’s been my favorite car since my childhood and it’s close to my heart. I am sure Audi R8 is a favorite for many of us right!

We are going to see about the ideal car for your daily use. The stylish-looking Audi R8 would make you go crazy over its incredible performance too. Also, it’s definitely worth the price.

Why The Original Audi R8 Was Such a Huge Success - CCT, Firstly, Audi R8 was made as a sports car used for racing. Yes, the car redefined the racing history of the Audi R8 in the 21st century.

Evolution of Audi R8

Firstly, Audi R8 was made as a sports car used for racing. Yes, the car redefined the racing history of the Audi R8 in the 21st century.

The Audi R8 sports car won almost all the car races. Notably, it entered more than 70 car races yet won more than 60. Wow, that’s quite impressive!

Audi R8 was made as a road car seeing its impressive sports records. Audi thought it would be a great addition. The Audi r8 was introduced in the year 2006. It has been in production to date.

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Cheap and best

There were times when people considered the Audi r8 a second choice car. People bought them only when they couldn’t afford the BMW or Benz cars. Seems unbelievable!

Audi R8 broke this tradition and made it a favorite among all. Audi R8 made it all possible with its cool features. Besides, it was way cheaper than other luxury cars. 

Audi R8 was the best car by the year 2008. Let’s talk more about the car’s features at their best.

Side blade of the car

The car has got a big blade-like design on the sides. Believe it or not, it was a huge design controversy back at the time.

Despite that, the car still managed to be successful. You could even color the side blade the way you like. However, the car design looked unique in the end. Well, I like it side blade or no blade.

Although the then car design experts thought the car would look much cooler without it.

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LED headlights

Audi R8 sports another cool feature. It’s their trademark-designed headlights using LEDs. Surely, it set the trend for the whole car industry. This model was the first to introduce the feature.

All cars used LED lighting features right after that. I guess one could easily recognize the car on the road. It does a major role in road safety.

See-through engine

Audi R8 had an engine in the back visible through the glass. Surprisingly, it was the first car to do that too.

The car had a mid-engine, in addition, it gave a smooth driving experience.

Quattro is a four-wheel driving system

Quattro is the trademark design of the car company. Audi R8 had this four-wheel drive technology exclusively to maintain a solid grip.

That was quite helpful on rough roads as well as the car racing conditions.

An elegant edition of the spoiler

Who doesn’t like their car to perform right? Audi R8 had a spoiler in the back barely noticeable yet performs well.

You see the spoiler, in the end, decided the car’s performance no matter how fast you rode it!

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Front trunk and small windows

Audi R8 had small windows for its tremendous design. It also had a huge trunk panel but a small space inside of it. Not so much for a halo car!

Apart from those, everything else looks catchy.

Insides of the Audi R8

The car has spacious interiors besides a two-seater car model.

It even has a small leather pouch with a printed R8 logo on the glove box. You could buy a little tube of touch-up paint matching the car’s color. The glove box has enough room for it. It comes in handy!

It has small compartments here and there to keep your things safe. Also, it has a gauge to control the air conditioning of the car. Interesting isn’t it!

High scores

Audi R8 scores high in its gas capacity and performance.

The latest version goes over the speed of 200 miles per hour. It even reaches 60 miles in a matter of seconds!


Unquestionably, Audi R8 is one of the best cars in the world. However, it comes under the German car company Volkswagen Group. Despite that, Audi cars made a mark on their own. I always liked it best. Now, what did you like most in the car? Read for more information about the Audi R8.

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